Installing Wall Tiles in Your Bathroom

Sensational, eye catching, beautiful and mind blowing are some of the phrases used to describe a feature tiled wall. A feature tiled wall captures the sense of style of the owner of the house as well as giving the home that exotic look and feel. In some cases it might even be aesthetic to look at such walls. These tiles can fit any room from the kitchen to the study, the bedroom to the bathroom, the library to a waiting room. A good feature tile job requires a carefully assessment and fitting. Tile are also a heavy item, so in order to complete a larger feature tiled wall, the easiest wat to move the tiles from the delivery van to the house would be to hire a forklift. Lucky there are almost as may hire centres as there are different tiles to choose from.

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Identification of the feature tiles after an all-inclusive planning phase is the first step to achieving the breathtaking wall or floor. If it is bathroom feature wall tiles then consideration should be given to water proof, dirt resistant and easy to clean. Another important thing to consider is whether want machine made or hand-made tiles.


Once the tiles have been acquired, then it is time to prepare the wall for a face lift. This may entail removal of existing tiles, removal of any sculptures or drawings on the wall. Glossy paint needs to be removed, holes and cracks filled up with an appropriate filler as the wall needs to be flat and even for the tiles to fit properly. Ensure that the intended pattern is set out properly if any. To protect the floor beneath against staining, spread some thick paper and hold it in place with tape where necessary. Apply the tile adhesive to a small portion at a time and tile it.


Once the area has been adequately prepared and the tiles and all the grout, the tools necessary are ready, it is time to set out the feature tiles. Ensure that the cut files if any fall to the sides or in places where they are not easy to spot like under the sinks. No cut tile should appear in the middle of the wall to enhance beauty. Carefully set out the tiles making sure that the intended overall look is kept in mind. Ensure patterns are uniform across the wall. Also ensure that the tiles are straight using a spirit level. Leave out sufficient space to apply the grout. Any tile adhesive that squeezes out should be wiped off.


Once the adhesive as dried up and the feature tiles are firmly in place, grouting is done. Grout spreaders are used to spread the grout into the spaces between the tiles. If you were installing bathroom feature tiles then an additional sealing like a silicate should be added to prevent the grout from getting loose with all the water. Buffing after application of grout and removal of excessive grout is necessary to give your feature tiled wall that admirable look.

Mosaics are a great example of a feature tile that can give your home that wonderful transformation. Tiling need not be a problem anymore. It should be an activity that we enjoy doing.